Screening tools for learning styles and dyslexia.

The first and only screening for dyslexia based on the social model of disability.



These screening tools are free to use:

Or you can purchase a licence which allows extra functionality:

  • see who is most dyslexic on a spreadsheet
  • data storage and retrieval

See licencing info


Save Time and Improve Results:

See, at a click of a mouse, all the learners most likely to be dyslexic

Improve exam results by quickly identifying all those most likely to need
access arrangements

Meet the DDA requirement to be proactive in identifying dyslexic learners

More accurate than screening learners with literacy tasks, and takes a fraction of the time

Includes individualised feedback that supports effective learning.


Other Screening Tools

Paper Based Screening from Adult Dyslexia Organisation

Alternative Online Dyslexia Screening Questionnaire from NeuroKnowHow